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31 Responses to “Morning Routines: A Synopsis”

      • timmer

        The program I use is terrible when it comes to resizing images. A poster would look very blurry. I’m hoping to update my illustration program to make it possible to do do something like posters in the near future–this piece especially :)

  1. josefkul

    Fantastic ending! Did not see that coming! How does one become a professional superhero. Are the insurance premiums high? We have a guy in Seattle who has been a practicing superhero for years and as far as anyone can tell he is several thousand dollars in the hole from assault and battery charges.

  2. Nicolle

    Well Spiderman just appeared out of nowhere. Love it.
    The only thing I would change is Contemplate the Universe & Question Life Choices usually happens in the shower.

  3. Juniper

    Whoa, I had no idea that we were living such similar lives!! I, of course, go out as Cat Woman, not Spiderman, but you know, everything else is the same…Great post!

  4. Akanksha Gogi

    At first I was agreeing to everything that was happening and before I noticed the last part I said, ‘Yep, that’s me’ and looked at it again and just thought about why you would even put that in there. That was so out of the blue but it was hilarious.

  5. foreigninput

    hahahahaha…you never disappoint. I am sooo taking up illustration once you mail me the necessary skills :). Thank you!!


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