For those keeping score at home >> The West Wing Season 4 Disc 2

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11 Responses to “You’re Welcome, Netflix”

  1. postmoderngirls;

    I love Netflix. I make my brother a list of stuff I want three weeks before I visit him in the US.

    You guys are so lucky- the rest of the world languishes in DVD shops and on dodgy internet streaming sites.

  2. Lisa Sparkles

    Happens to me all the time.. But everytime I think about canceling, I think, no, I just watch this one DVD and then get back to getting one every week.. last time I thought this is like 4 weeks ago, still haven’t watched the movie.. hahaha.

  3. ngnrdgrl

    Yep! This was us too! We ended up canceling the DVDs and just doing streaming and then we eventually canceled that too.

  4. foreigninput

    hahahahahaha..i suggest you try using some colorful stick it notes..and if that doesn’t work…not too late to write a letter to santa?


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