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39 Responses to “Tweets Illustrated”

      • Simon

        pffft, I just happen to have an attention span that finds a 140 character limit easier to follow. Its the lazy man’s writing. Thanks again!

  1. Simon

    Reblogged this on sweetandweak and commented:
    Tim over at Second Lunch has a hilarious animation blog and was kind enough to illustrate a tweet I wrote. Go check it out for funny stuff.

    • timmer

      Thanks! I use a program (Sketchbook pro) that lets me create many different layers, so it’s actually really straight forward. I crumpled some paper, snapped a shot, and then created a semi-transparent layer over the whole image. VoilĂ !

  2. Nicolle

    The sandwich one and the boat one are my favorites!
    I haven’t been on Twitter as much because my aging BB keeps freezing when I try to tweet.

  3. becca3416

    BRILLIANTTTTTTT. All of those Ts prove how serious I am. The tweets were perfection too. I didn’t want the post to end. You should make this a thing. Please make it a thing.

  4. Juniper

    Oh my god! I have a new goal in life! Be funny enough that you’ll illustrate a tweet! Great job!!!! :)

  5. A.R.

    I love the tweet about Coyote, the plant and the sandwich girl! Awesome post. I used to draw but now all I can do is stick figures (XKCD has got that covered) so I’m hesitant about doing any comic :(

    • timmer

      If you click on my ‘blog’ page you’ll see that the latest post is about how my illustration style has changed. You’ll even see a picture of my drawing style a year ago. It was pretty rough around the edges ^_^

  6. rebeccabartley

    Haha all these are HILARIOUS! Great illustrations too!

    Make sure to check out my blog and all feedback, follows and likes are greatly appreciated! :)


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