I was thinking about something the other day, I was thinking that there really hasn’t been a day in the past 7 months where I haven’t worked on creating illustrated content for Second Lunch. And while I certainly don’t feel like I’m burnt out, I am certainly feeling a bit fatigued. So in an effort to recharge and refocus, I’ll be taking next week (July 23rd) off from posting anything on my blog or thinking about the site at all. That’s right y’all! I’m taking a vacation from blogging. A ‘Blocation?’ After mulling this over in my head, I’ve come to realize how important it is that bloggers take some sort of hiatus away from their blogs to refresh, and for me, that time has come.

Ok, so now that you know I’m taking a week off from any form of blogging, I’m about to drop another blog related bomb on you. I want to let you guys know that my August content will all be blog posts instead of illustrations. And those posts will mainly be quick short reads, all of which have essentially been planned out. While this may sound like the beginning of a slow downward spiral culminating in me abandoning my blog, I’m here to assure you that THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE. I AM NOT ABANDONING MY SITE OR MY ILLUSTRATIONS.

I’m going to use this down time to finally get these bigger and slightly out of my comfort zone projects I’ve been planning off the ground, as well as finally build back that content buffer I’m always harping about. So, while my pre-scheduled written posts hit the site every Monday (for the month of August), I’ll be diligently working on putting together a fresh new batch of content for you guys. The only real difference you’ll notice in this time period is that my illustration page on the site won’t be updated. Otherwise, I’m essentially still ‘here’ on Second Lunch.

So, if we think of the prior 7 glorious months worth of illustrations as ‘Season 1,’ can we think of  the rest of summer as me getting ready for Season 2 of Second Lunch?

I absolutely want to hear your input on this one, you guys. I want to know what you think of me essentially not creating any new illustrations for the next month and a half. Awesome? What the hell am I thinking? Sound off below and see you back here in 2 weeks when Second Lunch goes into pre-season mode.

Hugs and Honey Badgers,

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28 Responses to “Out To Lunch”

  1. Lily

    I’m thinking a third ‘awesome, dude!’ and two thirds ‘what the hell are you thinking?!?!’. Anyway, I’m still looking forward to Season 2, I’m sure it will be as amazing (if not more) than Season 1. Enjoy your blocation ;)

    • timmer

      I hear you, Lily! It’s a crazy idea, so many times I see blogs that I follow go on break or hiatus and then never return :/ But it’s really only like a semi-break for me, there will still be content posted on Mondays, just not the full illustrations people here are accustomed to.

      Season 2 will return with a vengeance. I even already have a few of the illustrations planned out!

  2. Nicolle

    I think there’s nothing wrong with a break! Your illustrations will be missed, but definitely can’t wait to see what’s in store for Season 2!

    • timmer

      I think Ernesto might make an appearance or two in the interim. He’s an essential member on the blog side.

  3. Han

    I think a hiatus is a wonderful idea. It reminds me of something I wrote on my blog not too long ago: “The brain is like an deep oasis of information, nurtured by a steady influx of external knowledge (a process that we dub as “learning”). Leave the brain dormant for too long and it becomes sluggish and feeble, like the dying plants of an oasis cut from its water source. Draw from it too rapidly, and you risk exhausting the spring of creativity to merely a puddle, with nary enough nourishment to sustain the smallest flower. But if you constantly nurture it, taking care to protect it from flood or desiccation, then the result will be a vibrant paradise of inspiration, life and beauty.”
    I await eagerly for your return! :D

    • timmer

      Yes, I do remember seeing that comic. So true. I’ll probably end up doing that on my real vacation. And, agreed, I think this is the best thing when I think about my blog in the long-term

  4. free penny press

    I can tell you from experience (I have been editing & publishing my poetry/art zine every month for 14 months and am taking the summer off, whew!) that if one does not slow down, stretch a bit the creativity becomes forced.. I say good for you and have no fear, you have an entire grandstand waiting to read your posts or whatever else you toss our way..
    Enjoy your time!!

    • timmer

      Thanks, Lynne!

      I was gonna say, you seem to run a lot of projects in parallel. And I too also felt like I was stretching my creativity a little thin. It’s never been called upon so much in my life since starting this blog. So a moment to stretch and consume inspiration will be good.

  5. Danielle

    Absolutely take the time off!

    I was posting every week day for probably a month and it really burnt me out. Then, when I started my new job (where I had no chance to actually post while at work), that started to change. At first I felt bad about not posting, but then I realized this is primarily for me. I still read posts and only got back into weekly meme posts today, in fact.

    I enjoy your writing and illustrations, so I look forward to whatever you decide to post.

    Enjoy your blocation! (I’m sure that word will catch on…)

    • timmer

      It’s a commitment to write every day for a month. Even more so since you read a lot books as well! I don’t think I have the writing chops to write so frequently. Hopefully, doing a bit more writing will help.

      • Danielle

        Practice makes perfect, right?

        I definitely don’t think I’m nearly as good a writer as I want to be, but I also don’t really plan to write stories or anything. I just want to make sure what I write is coherent and educated. :) (or at least sounds that way!)

  6. becca3416

    I believe it is always good to switch it up. Enjoy your blogcation!I am heading in to a brief one myself. Cheers!

  7. atheness

    :'( Bye Bye Have fun……Bring me back a cookie hehe you said hiatus

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