I’m a big fan of minimal style book covers and movie posters. The following is kind of an homage to that style. But instead of remixing actual covers, I thought it would be way more interesting to create covers for hypothetical books by famous fictional characters.

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39 Responses to “Books by Famous Fictional Characters”

  1. Svelte

    Woohoo…The Sesame Street Series ftw! (I read somewhere that if you’re now seeing Bert’s side of things, that you are indeed a grown-up!)
    Gotta say, I do wish some of these would be actualized!

    • timmer

      I never thought about Bert’s side. Now that I think about it, Ernie would be a terrible terrible roommate.

    • timmer

      I’m actually kind of sad that they don’t exist. At least we’ll have the covers when you write them.

  2. themathteacheralsoreads

    They should really think about doing that one from Humpty Dumpty. I’m betting it will be a best seller! :)
    Your ideas are really great! Nice titles, nice illustrations, and even nice reviews from Second Lunch! lol

    • timmer

      Right? Who better to write a “getting your life back together” book than Humpty Dumpty? I mean, a king did commission an entire workforce to try and put him back together, so he must be important.

  3. Jen and Tonic

    OHMIGOD, this was hilarious. I can’t decide which one is my favorite.

    How about: “Bert & Ernie: The Story Behind America’s First Bromance”

    • timmer

      I was totes going to make a Bert & Ernie book, but I couldn’t think of a decent one. That would have been perfect though.

  4. Nicolle

    I don’t know how I missed this post. Are you playing stealth games on my reader?

    But, of course they’re all awesome.

  5. Chizzy

    If any of these were at my local bookstore, this is where all my allowance would go! Really wanna pick Waldo’s (well, in the UK and South Africa, he’s Wally) brain.
    Love the blog and the illustration, keep it up!

  6. aspiringcatlady

    This is fantastic! So creative! I love the minimalist book covers, but the fictional books you made are all hilarious! So clever. Awesome!

  7. tsudolcan

    These people in the coffee shop would stop staring at me and laugh with me when they saw these too… Great work man!


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